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It’s TRUE! You can lower your turnover, cut absenteeism/presenteeism, increase your productivity, and grow your bottom line. You can even substantially build your employee morale and loyalty.
“The real risk is losing an employee…from maternity leave. People say our program plays a big part in their decision to come back to work.”
Betty Purkey,
Manager at Texas Instruments

A lactation support program offered by an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) helps employees come back to work sooner and stay at work rather than taking the national rate of 9 days off to be with a sick child who is under 1 year old.
“People are our most important asset. If you take care of them, the business will take care of itself.”
Pizza Hut

ANM Workplace Solutions will work with you to design a program that will help your employees breastfeed successfully. Together we will choose the options that best fit your company’s situation. We can help you create a lactation room, provide a hospital-grade multi-user breastpump, lead on-site support groups and even see your employees or their spouses in their own homes.

We want to help local companies achieve Breastfeeding Friendly status. The Alabama Breastfeeding Committee has established certain criteria in conjunction with the US Dept. of Health. We have the training, experience and materials to help your company stand out as a leader in the field of employee benefits.  Glenni Lorick, IBCLC, RLC, and Melissa Florence, MA., IBCLC, RLC,  have the training and experience to help you set and achieve goals which will lead your company into the next decade being widely recognized as a company that cares about its female employees.

CIGNA’s 2 year study of breastfeeding employees demonstrated the following:
• $240 million annual savings in health care expenses
• 62% fewer prescriptions
• 77% reduction in absenteeism
Mutual of Omaha had the following results with their lactation program:
• 83% employee retention after maternity leave (national average is 59%)
• Healthcare claims per breastfed newborn averaged $1,269 compared to $3,415 for formula fed infants

There are three levels of service available. The more you provide for your employees, the greater their level of satisfaction and the better your retention rates!

Level 1: Preliminary consult including basic information -1.5 hours
Level 2: Preliminary consult + assistance in designing lactation space and meeting requirements to receive an award from the Alabama Breastfeeding Committee
Level 3: Everything included in levels 1 and 2 as well as an ongoing commitment to provide the following for your company:
• 1 home consult (in Madison, Morgan, or Limestone County) for each breastfeeding employee or spouse (or significant other).
• Unlimited phone counseling for employees and/or their spouses.
• Monthly breastfeeding support group at your work site if desired.
• Employees may attend breastfeeding class at A Nurturing Moment free of charge, or we will conduct quarterly breastfeeding classes on-site for your employees and their spouses.
• All employees receive a 10% discount on regularly priced merchandise at A Nurturing Moment with employee ID. This benefit provides tremendous savings on Britax car seats and strollers and on Best Chairs nursing chairs.
• Optional:
o Medela Symphony breastpump for your lactation room
o Reduced case pricing for corporate purchases of individual breastpump tubing kits for employees who are pumping at work.
o Price for this level depends on company size. The company enters into a one-year renewable contract with ANM Workplace Solutions.


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