LC in Your Office


Even the smallest pediatric practice can have an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant on call! The LC In Your Office program from A Nurturing Moment gives you an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who will work with your practice to help your mothers and babies breastfeed as successfully as possible.

Advantages for Your Practice

  • Patients will be seen in your office; they won’t have to go somewhere else
  • We will provide immediate feedback on our findings and recommendations
  • You will be able to bill insurance for our service
  • Breastfeeding Mothers will recognize your practice as one that proactively supports them

Advantages for Your Patients

  • Infants and their mothers will receive breastfeeding support right there in your office when they most need it.
  • Your most at-risk patients will have a greater chance of receiving exclusive breast milk feedings for the first 6 months of life.
  • Mothers returning to work can receive specialized support designed to help them manage pumping and feeding within the confines of their situation.

You have two options:

1.       Regular LC hours

If you choose this option, you will have one of our IBCLC’s  in  your office one or more mornings or afternoons each week. Breastfeeding mothers can be scheduled for weight checks during this time, if you choose, and receive breastfeeding support, as well.

2.       LC on call

If you choose this option, you will schedule an appointment for mothers and babies who are having problems. We need to be notified of the appointment with at least 3 hours of anticipation.

Additional Benefits:

  • We will provide you a copy of Medications and Mother’s Milk by Dr. Thomas Hale when you contract with us for any of our services.
  • We will provide annual staff in-service to help everybody provide the same breastfeeding information to your patient’s mothers, if you so desire.

A Nurturing Moment is the only Tennessee Valley provider of in-home lactation services. We are always happy to see your patients in whatever setting is most comfortable for the mother. We look forward to working with you to increase breastfeeding rates in our area.

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